5 easy steps to creating your website    
Contact Agenais

The first step to getting your website up and running is to call Agenais at 402-350-2210.   We want to know what you're looking for and you want to know if we're somebody who can help you get what you're looking for.  Simple as that, no commitments, no pressure.  If you prefer, we would love to meet with you and show you how we can help your business.
Pick your website name

Once you've determined that Agenais is who you want to build your site we will need a website name.  If you have one in mind, we can reserve it for you.  If not, we can help you pick out the perfect website name that will fit your company's needs.  Each website comes with a free email address with your sites name.  More email addresses are always available.
Determine size and style of your website

You may know exactly how big you want you website and exactly what you want it to look like, or you may want us to start with a blank slate and have us build your website from the ground up.  We have countless ideas and examples to ensure you get exactly want you want in a website.
Design the site

Once the size and style has been determined, it's time for Agenais to go to work designing your site.  We will build a small portion of the site and submit it to you for your approval before continuing on.  Our #1 goal is your satisfaction so we may be checking in often will you to get your opinion on the progress.  This is your site, we want your imput on how it looks.  We are here to make your vision come to life.
Market your website

Agenais has many ways to let the world know your website is up and running.  See our marketing page for all the options.